What I immediately liked about the Avanza was its high driving position and great external visibility, thanks to its large Windows. However, I want the front seats to be more comfortable, as the cushions are a bit strong. Better shoulder support can also make rides more enjoyable, especially on longer trips. In addition, there is plenty of rear legroom in the second row of seats, and the backrest can be tilted. As usual, space in the third row is limited, but they are suitable for short teens and adults. Other than that, they’re better left to the kids. Fold those 50:50 split seats with plenty of luggage space behind them for a weekend getaway or two. The 6.2-inch touch-screen display offers in-car entertainment features with AM/FM radio, CD, AUX, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. It can even use navigation as a standard, which in my opinion is a great addition to any car. While the sound quality may be better, so are the screen’s resolution and outdated graphics.