The 2020 Mazda 2 introduces two models of flagship and flagship safety models, which not only have a refreshing appearance and interior evolution, but also greatly improve quiet performance and active safety, while performance and dynamic performance have been further optimized. Combining concise and stylish elegance, the Mazda 2 front design introduces an evolutionary soul dynamic design vocabulary, with a more sporty black mesh water tank cover, supplemented by a newly designed LED headlight set and chrome plating extending to both sides The wings of the soul move, and the lower edge of the horizontally designed front bumper is decorated with chrome trim, which makes the overall visual sense more imposing and highlights the family design that is more consistent with the models of MAZDA. Mazda 2 is equipped with a new 16-inch wheel styling, which greatly enhances the dynamic atmosphere; the extension of the rear part of the car echoes the horizontal design of the front shape, which is more sleek in the original youthful and dynamic atmosphere.