Leg heaviness and fatigue can result from a number of causes including venous insufficiency. Leg heaviness caused by venous insufficiency is often accompanied with a dull aching sensation which is worse in the evening and night following prolonged sitting or standing. The causes of leg heaviness is diverse including lymphedema, injuries, atherosclerosis, and muscular disorders. However, vein disease or venous insufficiency is the most implicated. Venous insufficiency occur when the mechanism of valves in veins that play important roles in moving the blood from the legs to the heart fails. Blood pools in the vein below the valve leading to the formation of spider veins or varicose veins overtime. The treatment for leg heaviness will vary depending on the underlying cause. A certified and experienced physician will examine your leg and take your medical history to determine the best treatment for you. Are you having symptoms of leg heaviness? Get the best advice from vein specialists at the vein treatment clinic website.