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About a month ago, I ordered a cell phone jammer on the website. 1001 spy; Fifteen days later, I was told that my package had come to Singapore from DHL. I'm obligated to pay more than 22 euros (customs fee seems to be?). 99.80 euros has been paid, and of course I have forgotten to tell me. My main problem is the fact that this jammer should have all the emissions (DCS, 3 G... As high as 10 meters, even a 1-meter phone won't be fuzzy! I contacted the company via email in return, and I was told to follow the edit protocol (very simple thing), but there was no job: it didn't work! I then sent a second email asking if the company had branches in France and what steps had been taken to address the problem. This is a week, no answer. On your BBS, I realized (late, I regret) that I wasn't the only one complaining about the seller, and the last one didn't necessarily come back to me.How am I supposed to do this jamming radio price, or I'm not leaving my pocket to pay back? I don't think anyone here would like this topic, but it's important to me... : I realize that there are a dozen wireless networks in my room 24/24, and I feel terrible... Not knowing the impact on the organization of these programs... (a dozen, not counting hidden networks and several channels on the network... ) I want to do some history, and those that don't really need Wifi to disable it. :) Then there are two ways: - I disrupt the frequency (2.4 GHz), but it's still a lot of waves when I want to avoid it (plus, disrupting all channels at the same time can't be something easy... ) - I'm canceling their AP WiFi (which might seem to me... ). I want to use the second solution. Can someone explain to me how to do it? Software? (I use a window... ) Thank you very much for your help: rebound: PS: I know very well that DOS is prohibited... No: but between the neighbor's network and the health of the entire building, there are no pictures... Angel: that's another discussion... I am looking for an interference signal that is small and effective. Has anyone tested it? This is valid. I want to prevent my students from cheating in the evaluation process. Cell phone ringtones in the middle of a movie or concert, more than one bad memory? It is, of course, the hope that the industry minister, Patrick Devedjian, will be represented. On October 10th, he issued a decree authorizing a "jammer," to disable the phones in theaters and theaters. This is what Patrick Devedjian has just done, focusing on the mobile ringtone to the movie operator's revenue and the "catastrophic effects" of the movie balance. He announced it in a microphone in France. Installing such filters or jamming devices will be the responsibility of cinemas, theatres and concerts, he said. Recalled that since September 9, 2002, judicial orientation and program planning also authorized disruptive GSM jammer in prison. Ended more than three years of floating. Because the law of July 17, 2001 (which assumes various social, cultural and cultural provisions) authorizes such interference, "the performance and reception on the walls of the theatre (... ) ". Telecoms regulator and then issued a decision, "defined in technical supervision conditions using these equipment". The decision to the industry department at the end of June 2003 has not yet been approved for application. A good way to understand the complexity of the mobile phone is contrasted with the CB radio or radio. In full duplex radio, two transmitter use different frequency, so that the other party may call at the same time. The phone is full duplex. Full duplex and half duplex. Portable jammer both intercom and CB radio equipment are in half duplex equipment. That is, two people on the CB radio communication using the same frequency, so only one person can speak at a time. The phone is full duplex. This means that you use frequency to speak, and the other frequency is separate. Two people on the phone can talk. Channel - intercom usually has a channel and CB radio has 40 channels. Typical mobile phones can communicate on 1,664 channels or more! Scope - intercom can use 0.25 watts emitter transmission about 1 mile (1.6 kilometers). CB radio, because it has a higher power, can transmit about five miles (8 kilometers) using a 5-watt transmitter. Cell phones work in cells, and they can change cells when moving. These cells provide an incredible range of mobile phones. Because someone use a mobile phone can travel hundreds of miles, honeycomb, always keep a dialogue. Typical analog mobile phone system in the United States, the cell phone carrier in the frequency of the whole city receives about 800. Operators line up to the city in the community. Each plot is usually about 10 square miles (26 square kilometers). Cells are generally considered to be hexagons on a hexagon mesh, as shown below: Because of cell phones and base stations use low power transmitters, the same frequency can be repeated use in the neighboring cells. Both purple units can reuse the same frequency. The current model is not very effective until the end of 2015. It is necessary to specify the limitations of these devices in a written response to the UMPFrancoisCornut -Gentille deputy, in particular technical limitations.Each neighborhood has a tower, a tower and a small building with radio equipment. We'll get to the base station later. First, let's look at the cells that make up the cellular system. In the case, by increasing the power of interference sources, monitoring become useless equipment and telecommunications supervisor and local residents living near the prison communications is touchees Pour to solve this problem, the department of justice should be by the end of 2015 in more than a dozen institutions to deploy new technology. By French electronics giant thales, developed purchases of GPS jammer must provide a more focused and limited response. There is no record, however, it is said to be the escort of the escort.  http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/ninggui/articles-35545.html http://www.strillo.eu/member.php?page=comments&member=jammer&newsid=2626

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