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"Mobile phones could be abused by students," said Philippe Meunier, a UMP lawmaker, in a parliamentary issue last September. The choice reveals his reasoning in education, minister Vincent pewing's "frequently mentioned problems in - dela (sending and receiving too much interference with telemessages and school, extortion problem calls), they can also be used to cheat in the test, take photos in class, publish immediately on social networks, and browse the Internet without control... ". The diagnosis is what he calls the "necessity" : the cell phone jammer wave's installation of GSM to prevent the mobile phone from catching the school. No network, no communication, no use. Considering teachers can "pretending to have the same compliance measures to entertain the audience or actor," Philip mei Neil asked palin wing Vincent is likely to be "allowed to install WiFi signal shielding device software school, just like the theatre or the cinema". But the most important, think of Grenelle street, 20 L33-3-1 the postal code and electronic communication ban "the use of any equipment, disable all types of electronic communications equipment, such as with portable is only used to broadcast" reception. However, this article provides an exception: "for public order, national defence and national security, or the purpose of public service". Question: "there is no mention of schools in this list," said the minister, who swept up MP Meunier's recommendations. After nearly two months of waiting, MPS have just received a response from the minister of national education. The latter let him know that there was no problem of installing this type of device. Vincent Peillon explains that the national education attorney general has already reflected the signal jammer that may be installed. Results: "if the solution was proved to be a means to prevent the telephone communication, however, due to its effect, the people are not willing to launch electromagnetic waves, including the" interference "real or electromagnetic wave hypothesis" of health. Recall that the minister believed that the "environment of greneler ii" had banned the use of mobile phones in schools and universities. "Education law" l511-5 stipulates: "in kindergartens, primary schools and universities, where any teaching activities and rules of procedure are prescribed, students are prohibited from using mobile phones. Vincent Peillon points out in this regard: "therefore, the authorities of each school or college have the responsibility to designate places where students cannot use mobile phones in the rules of procedure." Only this prohibition has often had no effect on the precautionary principle. Alain Dufaut senator was a little offended in a year ago, regret, "the paper did not specify whether the teachers to enforce the law, which may endanger the criminal especially parents) in the case of infringement. "He was shocked," he said. (then education minister, Luc, Luc Chatel) has told him - like Vincent pillon (Vincent Peillon), to solve this problem, every organization should abide by, as part of the rules of procedure. "There are clauses that allow us to confiscate them. If repeated failures and recidivists can lead to school punishments or even disciplinary actions. "Sitting on the school board, I know it's hard to set rules and punish them for violations," says Alain Dufaut. The ideal solution is also the simplest, the wave jammer. The problem is that they are not allowed. The law prohibits the use and sale. Switzerland prohibits the use of so-called drone jammer, blockers or rf jammers, equipment and its use, just like the European Union. The federal communications (Ofcom) office explained that in addition to bring inconvenience to radio spectrum users, this use may have serious consequences for safety, especially to prevent emergency call firefighters, police or doctors. Saboteurs have followed the development of technology. First, to strengthen communication (in trains, restaurants, cinemas, theatres... ) they also act as a means of committing a crime: stealing a car or truck with valuables (the location of a retired vehicle) or stealing from home (disabling the wireless alarm system). At the level of the telecommunications act (LTC), the use of a jammer means intentional interference, which can be fined up to 100,000 francs. Their offer and sale are illegal and therefore prohibited. This is not the case for prisons, where detainees use their mobile phones to organize criminal ACTS or plan their escape. LTC allows prison facilities to run the phone scrambler facility within its scope with the prior authorization of Ofcom. The recorder's scrambler is ideal for anyone looking at a business meeting, meeting or important private interview, and making sure that it is not recorded (audio only). The operation is very simple, just open it and put your desk on the table or other distractions, and it will happen automatically. But you can also use it in a leather case, for example, when you're talking in and out of a few interlocutors, your arm goes down. The effect of the GPS jammer will be performed through continuous breathing, which will make any recording inaudible. It is possible to get a portable frequency jammer that neutralizes the car's remote control. Transmission is carried out on 315 and 433 MHz interference bands, which can run up to 50 meters. When the owner locks the vehicle, the wizard must press the button on its jammer to cut off the connection between the key's remote control and the receiver in the car. He then waited until his master entered the safe distance and did not break his content. Even worse, with the right equipment, he could reprogram a key and grab the car itself. There are now some criminals in the car jammer portable shockproof, which makes people impossible. Car wave jammers can also be used as interference signals to ensure the safety of your life. http://www.jammer-buy.com/future-applications-of-drones.html http://www.jammer-buy.com/uav-measured-atmosphere.html http://jodohkukristen.com/blogs/post/1206

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