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Many people want to know how to interfere with cell phones (mobile phone jammers) or mobile phones (portable jammers) like GSM phones? Well, there are three techniques to disrupt, block or block the phone.

1 – wave pollution

The area is covered by a pollution – type GSM jammer. Any form of cellular communication is impossible. In general, with this type of equipment, it is not possible to ensure that interference does not overflow beyond the relevant boundaries.

2 – use emergency call handling

The scrambler has a repeater to identify the call to emergency services. The phone is allowed, but no one is allowed, either in or out. Other radio signals (e.g., wi-fi, etc.) are not disturbed.

3 -Detection

The disturbance scrambler that comes to the call can only be triggered when it detects that a call (exhaling or exhaling) is not allowed in the covered area. The BCCH signal is then sent (the information channel between the operator and mobile stations) so that the base station can cut off the communication. Other radio signals are not chaotic.